The crisis that scares the Italians

CRISI-ECONOMICA-DENARO-FAMIGLIA-CROLLOThe current global crisis has been obstructing the world’s most powerful economies since its spread in 2008, knocking down those countries whose economic system could not put up much resistance against its rage.

In particular, it has affected our country and made our citizens scared of the future.
Low wages and high taxes have meant that little money can now be saved by the Italian workers, who are finding it harder and harder to raise their children and grant them a future.

Young people are left with very little chance to settle down and become independent, since the “ever increasing” unemployment rate lets them only hope their parents will keep maintaining them.
Many are willing to leave their country and seek luck abroad, being aware that such a bold decision may not be shared by relatives and friends.
Although most of them do not even own enough money to afford a small flat in the outskirts, ruthless buildings designers keep raising prices and reducing sizes, so the gap grows wider.
Those who are rich become richer, while those who are poor become poorer.
Who is in between can prepare for the worst.

Everything lets us believe that all this will become worse and worse.
Poor governance and bad economic plans have brought mistrust among people, who no longer see any possibility of improvement and fall back on populism, which is eventually not a valid solution.

This lack of trust does not let them foresee any easy way out of the crisis. Fathers and mothers are worried about the ineffectiveness by which the crisis is being faced and can only have doubts about their children’s future. It would be astonishing if they didn’t.

di Gianmarco Capati



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